Lenny Bruce Presents...

I created this piece as a gift for Kitty Bruce, daughter of heroic comedian and social commentator, Lenny Bruce. She owns one of two giclée prints produced in 2008. Decades ago, Bruce performed a skit called "Tits & Ass" that dealt with one of society's many, many hypocrisies. Link below if you want to hear it. 

The photo is of the Raven Theater marquee in Healdsburg. One night, I took a risk and snuck the letters up a ladder and into position. Cars crawled past as I set up my Polaroid camera and took photos. If anyone took offense to my public homage, they kept quiet. I kept shooting until I lost the light. 

After capturing the shot, I cut open the back of the Polaroid and delicately razored away nearly all of the image except the marquee. Then I laid in a photo torn from Hustler magazine, dripped in some food coloring, and sealed things up. Voila! 

Shot with Polaroid SX-70 on Polaroid Time Zero film.  

2019 Edition Notes: With my hero Lenny Bruce finally enjoying a very overdue resurgence, thanks to 'The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel,' it's time to release a very limited, and final, signed edition of prints.   

Number available: 2
Dimensions:  19" x 20"
Price: $1700

(Printed on archival Hahnemuhle watercolor paper)

Interested? Reach out.

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