Thoughts: Choose Your Frame

What a difference the right frame makes. Whether it’s having a conversation, taking a photo, or thinking about one’s past/present/future, the ability to select from a nearly infinite number of frames of reference (both real and imagined) allows us to play with perspectives to our heart’s delight. Whether we achieve greater clarity or confusion, depends on which frames we pull down.

And so it really does come down to choice. We all have the conscious decision to decide how we want to see the world, how we want to interpret its goings on. One example I particularly love is choosing to say/think “I get to” instead of “I have to”.  While cognitive dissonance typically results from choosing a worldview that is in clear contradiction with reality, the majority of humans voluntarily choose to undergo this paralyzing condition rather than select more truthful vantage points. Why, exactly, escapes me, but I think it has to do with equal parts intellectual sloth and fear of a a very scary and absolutely unrelenting universe.

Hmm… I may be mixing ‘frames’ and ‘perspectives’ a bit loosely here. Ah well. 

Anyway, these days I’ve been choosing an entirely new set of frames and I’ve found that, yes, it’s a nice, simple idea to choose, embrace and empower your preferred view of the world. It may not lead to a different world, but it can make a world of difference.

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