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  1. Fiction: The Pounding

    THE POUNDINGI saw the whole thing through the peephole in my motel room door. I’d noticed the two of them out by the pool. He was a dirty bird with his back to the late sun leaning over handlebars talking at her face. She held herself back, arms crossed and…

  2. Fiction: Old Beginnings (Alone in the Gravel)

    OLD BEGINNINGS #2: Maybe posting stalled projects will  inspire me to finish ’em. This one is a short that was intended to be something more. Here’s the beginning of this one…ALONE IN THE GRAVEL She is building up heat, blankets pinned tightly beneath elbows and toes. She feels that it…

  3. MicroFiction: Apples & Pears

    (this is one of a series of microfiction stories inspired by polaroids I’ve taken.) My name is Graciela Rojas. I am nineteen years old. For nearly six months I have been working at the Farragut Family Farms fruit processing plant. We specialize in Pink Lady apples and Bartlett pears, but…

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