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  1. Life Moments #12: Parents, They Die

    I was at a bar when both my parents died. The first was some dump in The Mission, and when my phone buzzed in my pocket, I knew. I’d just arrived from my dad’s bedside in Sacramento. On my way out the door, I told him, “Hey I’m taking this.…

  2. Life Moments #5: Dogs on a Dead Cow

    IT WAS A STRONG AND SUDDEN COMPULSION that made me turn off the freeway and on to a small side road. We were driving back to Chico after a day of thrifting and record shopping in Sacramento. As usual, I’d done a slow drive by of my dad’s midtown studio…

  3. Life Moments #3: Cocaine & the End of Hunting

    I’D SEEN COCAINE BEFORE, of course. Powdery mirrors, white-stained razor blades. But it wasn’t until I was eleven, maybe twelve, that I watched someone pinch a nostril shut and inhale a rail. I was huddled in the cab of my older brother’s truck, keeping warm in the pre-dawn winter cold…

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