Thoughts: A Theory on Fixing Everything that Hurts with a Time Machine

I have this theory. It’s not a great one, or an overly complex one, or even one that really demands that I share it with the world. But, it’s nice to have theories. You can’t hold them, but one can certainly feel pride of ownership, yeah? Yeah. The theory is that we can heal much of our negative conditioning by simply remembering not to forget ourselves. 

Let me explain, rather clumsily: I propose that we are all, each one of us, little more than a compilation of every moment we’ve ever lived. Duh. But wait, there’s more. Perhaps not much more, but read on and humor me. I think that these ‘layers’ if you will, are completely accessible to us, perfectly unadulterated. You are as much a 7 year old as you are an 18/31/43/71 year old. You need only dive in, examine and bring forth any version of “you” desired. Here’s the fun part: I believe you can revisit painful moments or lessons not learned and ‘do it right’. We all have built-in time machines! With the obvious anchoring in the present, you can allow memories to blossom, make a deep connection to a different (yet same) self. We all do this all the time; during moments of nostalgia, when laid low by old fears, when brought to tears by certain smells. And once we’re there, why, it’s just a matter of talking to ourselves. We can quiet the scared child, heal the wounded lover, educate where we were once ignorant.

This isn’t hypnosis, nor is it a therapy session. It’s as simple as sitting down and getting out of your own way. We grow old when we forget ourselves. So today, sit down, pick a self from the collection, and say hello. It may sound silly, but I dare you to try it.

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