You Are Not a Yoga Pose


You are not a yoga pose.

You are not your favorite sports team.

You are not a long-distance runner, obstacle course racer or gym rat.

You are not a techie. Or a foodie. Or a travel junkie.

You are not your passions. You are not your tribe. You are YOU (and there’s nothing wrong with that). So long as we keep projecting our identities as things that are not us, we will continue to struggle with connecting meaningfully with ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Dating sites well illustrate this: That guy posing with his dog on rugged trail? That girl surrounded by friends at a baseball game? Both seek to convey a tribal affiliation to attract a mate. Both successfully (but only temporarily) obfuscate themselves via submersion within standardized caricatures. Both ultimately find it challenging to deeply connect because their masks are held in place by the thinnest cord. Naked and revealed, we find that rooting for the same team or sharing a mutual adoration of Ethiopian food or Polaroids isn’t enough to paper over the emptiness.

In other words, please, don’t fall in love with your passions or join a tribe before you fall in love with yourself. If you do, don’t expect others to know who you really are, because it’s a good bet you share their ignorance. Can we all commit to the end of posing (it’s hard, I keep trying), and get to knowing and saving the good stuff on this gorgeous planet before it’s gone?  

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